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A light study, starring "Chelebi" and "Molecula." 5 second exposures, illuminated by "painting" with keychain halogen light.
11-2012_dsc0717311-2012_dsc0718011-2012_dsc0718611-2012_dsc0719111-2012_dsc0719211-2012_dsc0720411-2012_dsc0720511-2012_dsc07206Little alien figurine and light study, photographed by Maurizio Riccio11-2012_dsc0721411-2012_dsc0721611-2012_dsc0721711-2012_dsc0722011-2012_dsc0722211-2012_dsc0722811-2012_dsc07229

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So witty! And you obviously so much enjoyed making the photos, from setup to finished prints.
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