Welcome to my site! I am proud to present my favorite work, the result of a love affair with photography that has been going strong for over 30 years. Without boring you with a long biography, just know that I was born in Naples, Italy, than moved to the Unites States, all the while traveling quite a bit. I hope you will enjoy my point of view.


Although I have worked with drawing, painting and sculpture, photography has always been one of my favorite mediums to express my artistic ideas. I love the immediacy and power a photograph has. It's a language everybody understands. Creating photographs requires me to get out there and experience life. It's a direct interaction with the world, and a dialogue with my subjects.


In terms of subject matter I am greatly interested in portraying people and the human condition. I often document the traces and marks left by people in empty spaces. Nature also ranks high in my chosen subjects.


One of the themes of my work is how the exceptional reveals itself in the commonplace. There are stunning places and people in the world which readily make exciting subject matters. However, as an artist I have to work everyday with what’s around me. By necessity I take on the challenge to transform the average into the extraordinary. There are quiet moments of meaning and beauty everywhere, if you look hard enough.


I am a professional photographer, but photography is not my main profession. Generally I provide portraiture for my clients, but whatever the occasion or subject, if you want it captured in an intriguing and insightful way, consider me. Know that when I pick up a camera, I aim to make an impact and produce unique, powerful images. I will only accept assignments if I know my sensibilities are appropriate for it and that I will be able to create something special. Please take some time to go through my galleries before considering me and ask anything!


The photographic work seen on this site is for sale as prints or licensed use. Please contact me with any questions or thoughts. Thanks for looking!

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