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Amazing Florida skies
Angry Skies-1Angry Skies-2Angry Skies-3Angry Skies-4Angry Skies-5Angry evening sky with lightnings. Photographed by Maurizio RiccioAngry Skies-7Epic clouds photographed by Maurizio RiccioAngry Skies-9Angry Skies-10Angry Skies-11Angry Skies-12Angry Skies-13Angry Skies-14Angry Skies-15Angry Skies-17Angry Skies-18Angry Skies-19Cloud formation in South Florida. Photographed by Maurizio Riccio.Angry Skies-21

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Amazingly scary skies!
Wouldn't be surprised to find a funnel looping down ---
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