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A study of spaces people decided to mark with graffiti.
Decoding Life 3-10Decoding Life 3-3Decoding Life 3-2Decoding Life 3-4Decoding Life 3-5Decoding Life 3-6Decoding Life 3-8Decoding Life 3-7Decoding Life 3-9Decoding Life 3-11Decoding Life 3-12Decoding Life 3-13Decoding Life 3-14Decoding Life 3-15Decoding Life 3-16Decoding Life 3-17Decoding Life 3-18Decoding Life 3-19Decoding Life 3-20

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Keywords:Maurizio Riccio, Riccio Photography, abstract, art, color, composition, graffiti, juxtaposition, marks, metaphor, scratches, shapes, symbol, symbolism, symbols

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1.Bad Light, Good Light
When all the comments someone makes are complimentary, their honesty becomes suspect. I would like to make some critical comments if I could, but I can't. Perhaps it is because we are of like minds on these types of subjects, but I find your eye for shapes and colours to be simply outstanding. Your choices for subjects are (if I had the eye to spot them) exactly what I would photograph.
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