The world is mine...

October 04, 2012  •  9 Comments

planet earth in a room

The theme of this week's Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily post at is "Mine"

Welcome to my world.

"Me, I want what's coming to me." "Oh, well... what's coming to you?" "The world, Chico, and everything in it." It had to happen sooner or later, I couldn't resist. I HAD to use my favorite Al Pacino quote from the movie Scarface.

Yes, the world is mine, with everything in it. It's my planet, since I landed here. Well, at any rate I "arrived" here, after the creative wish of my parents. You're probably thinking that I am joking. How can the whole world be mine? Of course I am not talking about the physical rock three planets away from the sun. The "world" I mean is the world of possibilities and potentials, both physical and mental which I envision and portray. It's the world I see when I close my eyes and daydream, or when I click my camera. Or draw. Or write.

Yes, my world is uniquely mine, and in comes more into focus with every thought and every action. My world is a place where the past, present and future coexist and it's a beautiful world, but not without a fair share of blemishes. But no matter: I readily paint them out with my mental spot-healing brush. Fake people I don't like? select, shift-click, gone!

My world is well taken care of, breezy, healthy, bright, and always properly exposed because I always see light even in darkness. When I compose my world, I only zoom in on the beauty of strenght and conviction, which is everywhere, if you look closely. No matter how common the subject, bold lines, strong elements and revealing light must be captured. And to contrast the strength, I try to reveal the vulnerability hidden within.

Well, this turned out to be another motivational post. I love to motivate, starting with myself. The message here is simple. The world is really yours, make the most of it and share the results :)




Love this one
8.Sallie (FullTime-Life)(non-registered)
Perfectly illustration for your good reminder and works very well for the meme theme as well. Thanks for sharing.
Love this.
Great job!
From Hilda
Great shot! Where did you take it? If you get some time this week I'd love if you'd participate in our new weekly photo challenge too!
Wow this is so breath-taking! A real photo... which shows your immense talent!
And I love your interpretation of having your own world. All artists do have a world of their own indeed.
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